Arctic geological structure is still underexplored field, although this region is rich in various natural resources. Scientists are convinced that the Arctic eventually will be one of the key regions for resources growth.

The project coordinator from Russian side Victoria Ershova said that the project involves the synthesis of science and education. Master and PhD students will take part in seminars and working meetings, attend intensive courses on Arctic geology and geophysics in Svalbard. Besides, students will get the opportunity to go the partner universities for laboratory works in the field of Arctic geology, geophysics and tectonics

Arctic research plays the key role in SPSU academic activities.  There are few educational programs dedicated to polar and marine research and the Arctic integrated development.

Today’s agenda – Arctic region integrated development, search and exploration issues of new mineral deposits, rational use of natural resources and Arctic ecosystems protection. SPSU is an active participant of these processes as an expert and REC bringing together leading scientists and preparing new generation of Arctic researches.