Presenters are welcome from all around the world, in all areas of life:activists, artists, and academics. Organizers invite anyone whorecognizes the need for a conversation on roots, particularly on women'scultural heritage. The main themes of the conference are as follows:

- Women's wisdom;
- Indigenous wisdom; and
- Nature and society in balance for future generations.

Presentations can be in words or actions, music or movements, happeningsor exhibitions, on any topic related to silenced wisdom or roots, andtheir necessity for a life in balance for future generations. Stories,poems, singing, dancing, and other artistic presentations, shamanicdreaming, rituals, panel and poster presentations, cooking, weaving,spinning, and formal academic papers are just a few examples of thecontributions organizers look forward to hosting and sharing.

Abstracts must be submitted via email by Tuesday,15 February 2011.

Submissions should be no longer than one page,demonstrating what you would like to share and how it fits within the theme. Please include:

- A title for your presentation or workshop;
- Any limitation on the number of participants;
- A list of any technology that will be required;
- A short (50-word) summary of your session for the conference website; and
- A short (50-word) biography including information on your cultural roots.

Submission deadline: Tuesday, 15 February 2011.

Registration, lodging, excursion, cost, and other information can be found here.

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