The Council of UArctic in Arkhangelsk (June 2007) confirmed the establishment of the UArctic Masters Program as a part of the UArctic Graduate Area, endorsed the Program’s goals, and in principle approved the foundation principles as outlined in the Guidelines for the UArctic Masters Program. The Council further asked the President to take immediate action to ensure that the new Program is developed quickly.
The development of the UArctic Graduate Area has been led from the UArctic Field School office at UNIS, Longyearbyen, Norway, and was done in close cooperation with several leading UArctic member institutions. The final foundation principles, the background discussion paper, as well as the notes from the breakout session on the Graduate Area at the Arkhangelsk Council meeting will form the basis for the future work. The New Graduate area will consist of the UArctic Masters Program, the Field School Program, and the PhD networks (Graduate Networks).
UArctic member institutions willing to lead UArctic’s Graduate Area are invited to respond to this open call by submitting a proposal to the President of UArctic by September 10, 2007. The proposal should demonstrate the institution’s:
·         adherence to UArctic Values and Goals
·         relevant competence and experience in international cooperation in a broad specter of   disciplines
·         experience in the development of Graduate programs in cooperation with institutions in other countries
·         possible financial commitment to support the Lead position  
·         commitment to work with UArctic to seek funding for UArctic’s Graduate Area
In addition to the institutional commitment the proposal should indicate the suggested individual(s) for the position of  leader of the Graduate Area, supported  with Curriculum Vitae(s).
Cooperative arrangements for leadership of the Graduate Area between two members of UArctic are encouraged.
The leader will be supported by a program team consisting of selected experts from the Circumpolar North as well as the leaders of the Field School and Graduate Networks programs. The leader will have the strategic lead for the whole of the Graduate area both when it comes to content and delivery and will have support from the rest of UArctic in finding resources for the operations this strategic area.
Institutions are asked to make proposals for Graduate Area Program Team members also to the President by September 10, 2007. All proposals should be sent to the UArctic International Secretariat at .
UArctic will encourage all those who gave their valuable time and resources to the early development phase of the Graduate Area to consider continuing to serve in the Program Team.  The need to balance competence and UArctic values, regional background etc. will be taken into consideration when creating the team.
For more information, please contact UArctic President Lars Kullerud ( ) or Director of Administration and University Relations Outi Snellman ( )
Read the full call announcement (including links to background documents) in PDF.