The Open Call came as a follow-up to the last Council of UArctic meeting in Arkhangelsk (June 2007), during which Council members confirmed the establishment of the UArctic Masters Program as a part of the UArctic Graduate Area and asked the President to take immediate action to ensure a rapid development of the program.
In the Open Call, UArctic member institutions willing to lead UArctic’s Graduate Area were invited to submit a proposal to the President of UArctic by September 10, 2007. The proposal was to demonstrate the institution’s adherence to UArctic Values and Goals, experience in the development of Graduate programs in cooperation with institutions in other countries, possible financial commitment to support the Lead position, as well as commitment to work with UArctic to seek funding for UArctic’s Graduate Area.
The five proposals will be reviewed by the Board of Governors and a decision will be made during the Board's upcoming meeting in Fairbanks, Alaska, on October 25 and 26.
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