Shared Voices Magazine 2021

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Table of Contents

  1. Letter from the President

    By Lars Kullerud

  2. Editorial

    By Outi Snellman

  3. UArctic – an Indispensable Arctic Actor

    By Annika Saarikko

  4. Growing Connections Between Scotland and UArctic

    By Richard Lochhead

  5. Canada’s Vision for Arctic Youth Empowerment

    By David Sproule

  6. In Memoriam: Oliver William (Bill) Heal, 1934-2021

  7. Arctic Philanthropist: Interview with Frederik Paulsen

    By Hannele Palviainen

  8. Interviews of UArctic Board members: Anne Husebekk

    By Arne O. Holm

  9. Interviews of UArctic Board members: Evon Peter

    By Arne O. Holm

  10. Interviews of UArctic Board members: Mikhail Pogodaev

    By Arne O. Holm

  11. Becoming Circumpolar: Reflections on Origins and Outcomes

    By Amanda Graham

  12. New Directions in Circumpolar Studies: Launching the Læra Institute

    By Anthony Speca, Anthony Speca, Heather Nicol and Gary Wilson

  13. UArctic at a Glance

  14. Arena for the Gap Analysis of the Existing Arctic Science Co-Operations

    By Hanna Lappalainen and Stephany Mazon

  15. North-Eastern Federal University: Sustainable Development & Bridging the Arctic and Asia

    By Vladimir Suzdalov

  16. UArctic-HIT Training Centre: A Bridge Between Arctic and Chinese Universities

    By Yi-Fan Li

  17. 14 Years of Arctic Indigenous Collaboration with BEBO – How Has It Been?

    By Marina Falevitch and Mika Aromäki

  18. Collecting Knowledge from Finnmark’s Plateau to Japan

    By Amanda Åsberg

  19. Arctic Makes: Observations, Lessons, and Solutions from the Geographic Periphery

    By Svetlana Usenyuk-Kravchuk and Timo Jokela

  20. CHARTER – Towards a Broader Understanding of Arctic Complexity

    By Philip Burgess

  21. Eating Plants to Mitigate the Impacts of Climate Change on Tundra?

    By Isabel C. Barrio et al

  22. A Sense of Home Across the Arctic Through Wild Foods

    By Harmony Jade Wayner

  23. Improved Water Access and Sanitary Conditions in Rural Arctic Settlements

    By Pernille Erland Jensen and Aaron Dotson

  24. The Arctic Yearbook: An Open Access Platform for Arctic Studies and Research

    By Lassi Heininen and Heather Exner-Pirot

  25. The Battle of the Arctic: To Drill or Not to Drill?

    By Angelina Giordano

  26. 6G as a Universal Connectivity Provider in the 2030s

    By Harri Saarnisaari, Hanna Saarela and Marja-Matinmikko-Blue