Overall Goal

The network will enhance teacher education for equality and social justice in the Arctic region. Short-term goals will be to advance shared research on topics relevant to TN’s members, establish steady cooperation between teacher educators across the member universities, and stimulate staff and student exchange. A long-term goal will be to develop a virtual research and resource centre for high quality teacher education research and practice.

The thematic network on Teacher Education currently has five different projects:

Enhancing Equity and Inclusion in Education in Circumpolar North (EICN). The project aims to strengthen collaboration under the UArctic Thematic Network on Teacher Education for Social Justice and Diversity with member institutions from Greenland, the Faroe Islands and Denmark. The project also aims to publish a book focusing on inclusive policies and practices in educational settings.

Distance Teaching and Learning in the Arctic Communities (DistARCTIC). The project aims to draft a book proposal focusing on pedagogical practices in online/distance teaching and learning. The overall goal of the proposed project is to provide educators in schools and in teacher education means to reach their full potential of using digital tools in rural education.

Indigenous Pedagogy in Teacher Education (IPED). The goal of the project is to review and identify the Sámi and Indigenous pedagogy research needs at northern teacher education contexts and to support new research areas’ development.

Socially Innovative Interventions to Foster and to Advance Young Children’s Inclusion and Agency in Society through Voice and Story (ADVOST). The project will take into practice the theoretical guiding principles for facilitating and enhancing young children’s voice in specific contexts. This will be done in close cooperation with practitioners working with indigenous children in Finland, marginalized, indigenous, and immigrant children in Canada, and children with diverse ethnical and cultural backgrounds in the UK.

Arctic Five Teacher Education programme is formed between the Artic Five universities: University of Lapland, University of Oulu, Luleå University of Technology, Umeå University, and UiT The Arctic University of Norway. They work together to understand better the contextual and cultural issues of the Nordic educational features via engagement with local communities, indigenous and minority populations, and through institutional and research collaborations. The group aims to develop a joint online master study course (10 ECTS) on Arctic Inclusive Education. More information about the study course is on the course website.

UNITWIN/UNESCO Network on Teacher Education for Social Justice and Diversity in Education

The UNITWIN/UNESCO Network on Teacher Education for Social Justice and Diversity in Education was established on May 2018. The Network continues and globally expands the cooperation already started in the UArctic TN on Teacher Education. The Coordinator of the UNITWIN/UNESCO Network is Professor Tuija Turunen, the leader of the UArctic TN on Teacher Education.


Main Activities

The network aims to facilitate interaction and promote research and joint teaching among the teacher education programmes in the member universities. At the initial stage, the network envisages the following:

  • Shared research
  • Publishing a joint book
  • Joint conference presentations
  • Co-authoring research articles
  • Common study modules/study courses
  • Student/teacher/researcher mobility, both short-term and full-term visits, including teaching and research

To learn more about the network and its news, visit the page All News & Newsletters.

Upcoming Activities

Past Activities 2020

Communications Contact:

Janette Peltokorpi 
Project manager 
University of Lapland

Tuija Turunen, Lead of the UArctic Thematic Network on Teacher Education for Social Justice and Diversity in Education