Are you, or someone from your group, planning tundra fieldwork for summer 2024? We are too!

Summer 2024 will be the last opportunity to contribute to our observational study on herbivore diversity in tundra. This is a one-time, low-effort sampling campaign across multiple tundra sites, where your effort will contribute to a growing database including 12 sites already. The sampling protocol is simple, and the work can be done by a student or a field assistant.

What we offer:

  • Clear field protocols, tested across a range of tundra sites.
  • Co-authorship in 1-2 manuscripts assessing the large-scale drivers of herbivore diversity across tundra.
  • Opportunity to use the dataset for your own research questions.

What we ask:

  • 2-4 person days of field work anywhere in tundra during peak of the growing season. Exact time commitment depends on herbivore abundance at your site.
  • Data entry to the database by October 2024.

More information on background, study questions and methods can be found here. If you have any questions or comments, please contact Elina Kaarlejärvi or Isabel Barrio.

We hope you consider joining this study!