17 PhD and Post-Doc students from all corners of the world came to Svalbard to participate on lectures on the Global Arctic – Reaching out to the Third Pole: The role of climate change, geopolitics, and resource availability for global sustainability.

The school’s programme included both theoretical and practical lectures by 13 lecturers of different backgrounds, student group work, and interactive sessions in preparations of an interdisciplinary scientific article.

Students were divided into two working groups, however decided to merge to foster interdisciplinarity among them. During autumn, they will prepare an interdisciplinary article in consultation with the summer school coordinators.

In addition to the lectures, participants of the summer school took part in social gatherings. These included a BBQ at NVPs property Isdammen east of Longyearbyen, as well as an optional boat excursion to the Billefjord and the renowned ghost town of Pyramiden. The latter offered stunning views of glacier fronts and different wildlife.

See the full programme here.

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The Summer School Coordinators:

The Summer School 2022 was hosted by the Norwegian Scientific Academy for Polar Research (NVP), The Nansen Scientific Society, and the University Centre in Svalbard (UNIS).

Bjørn Kaltenborn is Vice President of NVP and Senior Research Scientist at the Norwegian Institute for Nature Research (NINA).

Lars-Otto Reiersen is Marine Biologist and Professor with a long-term track record from working in the Arctic.

Anton Kjelaas is former president of NVP. He has a long track record in geophysical research linked to the Arctic and other regions.

Thor S. Larsen is NVP’s Secretary General and Researcher at the Norwegian University of Life Sciences (NMBU).

Ragnhild Utne is NVP’s Office Manager.