As promised in the title, "Word-Weavers of the Arctic" is a homage to the strong practice of orature, oral literature, in Arctic Indigenous cultures.

As bodies of knowledge, stories and spoken word holds a strong position in both Sámi and Inuit communities, giving rise to generations of strong word warriors and word weavers.

Gathering three of the most stunning word-weavers of the arctic, this event invite you to listen to their stories and poetry, followed by a dialogue centered on their practice moderated by Dr. Liisa-Rávná Finbog.

Presenting the word-weavers:

Artist and poet Jessie Kleemann is originally from Upernavik in northern Greenland; today, she lives and works in Copenhagen, Denmark. Trained as a lithographic artist, she works with traditional and contemporary Inuit themes, video, music, poetry, and dance.

Taqralik Partridge is a writer, spoken word poet and curator originally from Kuujjuaq, NU. Partridge's writing focuses on both life in the north and in southern urban centres, as well as the experiences of Inuit. She also incorporates throat singing into her live performances.

Timimie Märak is a poet from Jokkmokk, on the Swedish side of Sápmi. Timimie puts just as much in between the lines they write as in the words they choose to share. Like them, their poetry is a combination of deep roots and connections, read at a big city pace.

Welcome to a night of poetry, talks and laughter.


You can join the seminar through the event page on Facebook:

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