The Department of Arctic Social Sciences and Economics at Ilisimatusarfik, University
of Greenland is looking for an associate professor of political science with a focus on foreign and security policy in the Arctic.

The position is to be filled as of 1 November 2022, or by appointment.

The Department of Arctic Social Sciences and Economics provides the framework for a diverse research and study environment with approximately 100 students, 8 full-time employees and a number of PhD students, as well as visiting researchers. The department offers two bachelor programmes in business administration and Arctic social sciences and a master's degree programme in social sciences. The focus on the study programmes and research in the department is Greenland and the Arctic.

At Ilisimatusarfik, University of Greenland, teaching can take place in Danish, English and Greenlandic.


  • Relevant university education at Doctoral level.
  • Research, teaching and dissemination qualifications corresponding to associate professor level.
  • Knowledge of foreign and security policy in Greenland and the Arctic.

tasks will primarily consist of

  • teaching in social sciences such as political science, international politics, methodology, or philosophy of science at bachelor's and master's level.
  • supervision and examination of students at bachelor's, master's and doctoral level.
  • research as well as publication and scientific dissemination within the department's disciplines with emphasis on Greenland and the Arctic.
  • further development of the training in cooperation with the department's and the department's other employees.
  • knowledge exchange with society and participation in public debate.
  • professional assessment work.
  • participation in administrative and collegial cooperation.

application for employment as an associate professor of political science must, in addition to the application letter itself, contain the following:

Appendix 1: Curriculum Vitae.
Appendix 2: Documentation for examinations.
Appendix 3: Contact details of three persons from which a reference can be obtained.
Annex 4: Full and numbered list of publications.
The works submitted (cf. Appendix 8) are marked with * in the list of publications.

Appendix 5: Brief description of previous research and an outline of possible future research project(s).
Appendix 6: A teaching portfolio with documentation of teaching qualifications and university pedagogy or equivalent, as well as any reflection on own past and future teaching activities
Appendix 7: Documentation for research dissemination.
Appendix 8: Up to five publications on chapter or article length. The applicant may select a maximum of five publications as particularly relevant for the assessment.

Employment as an associate professor may take place subject to a positive associate professor assessment before employment or if the applicant has obtained an associate professor assessment within the subject area elsewhere.

Assessment and recruitment procedure
Assessment of the applicants is done by an expert assessment committee in accordance with the applicable rules. After the application deadline, applicants will be informed of the composition of the assessment committee. The committee processes the applications received and makes recommendations to the Head of Department, who then invites the candidate/candidates for an interview.

If you want to know more about the position, you are welcome to contact Head of Department Annemette Nyborg Lauritsen on tel. + 299 385660.

If you want more information about the University of Greenland, you can read more at

About Ilisimatusarfik.
Ilisimatusarfik, University of Greenland, was established in 1987 and currently has 10 different programmes, including the offer of a few part-time programmes at diploma and master level, respectively. Ilisimatusarfik is an Arctic university that creates knowledge and innovation in a rapidly evolving region. The Board of Trustees is the university's top management. The day-to-day management is carried out by the Rector and the University Director. The four departments are headed by a head of department, who is advised by a department council.

Ilisimatusarfik consists of 4 institutes:  

  • Department of Culture, Language and History
  • Department of Learning with Teacher Training, Further Education of Primary School Teachers
  • Department of Nursing and Health Sciences with the Nursing Degree
  • Department of Society, Economics and Journalism 

About the Central Administration:
The Central Administration serves the entire university. It is headed by the university director. The central administration has branches in Ilimmarfik and in Ilinniarfissuaq. The departments work closely with the professional units, but also work together among themselves. The tasks of the central administration are: study administration, personnel administration, service of the Board of Trustees and the Academic Council as well as other service functions for the university's staff and students. The central administration is also responsible for the construction of Ilimmarfik.

Salary and conditions of
employment Salary and terms of employment, including the right to severance and severance travel and relocation of the estate, in accordance with the agreement/agreement in force at the time of accession between the Government of Greenland and the relevant negotiating organisation.

There is no staff accommodation for the position. If an applicant already has staff accommodation through employment in the Self-Government, the right to designated staff accommodation is retained. The staff accommodation is linked to the employment relationship, and must be vacated upon termination of the employment relationship.

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