As the Arctic research community transitions to the 2022-2026 Arctic Research Plan, IARPC is reflecting on the achievements of the previous five years. In a three-part webinar series, researchers and community members engaged in Arctic research will present on highlights of their work in observations, human-applied science, and modeling. Join presenters as they share accomplishments of their projects under the 2017-2021 Arctic Research Plan and demonstrate the diverse research associated with IARPC.

This third webinar in the three-part series will focus on accomplishments in modeling. Richard Cullather (NASA) and Wilbert Weijer (Los Alamos National Laboratory) will provide an overview of the IARPC Collaborations Modeling Team's accomplishments over the past five years. Elizabeth Hunke (Los Alamos National Laboratory) will present on the CICE Consortium. Sophie Nowicki (University of Buffalo) will share about ISMIP6.

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