The Museum’s North x North Festival will occur April 6-9, 2022 in Anchorage, in collaboration with The Arctic Encounter and other community partners. The Festival will include art installations and creative workshops, and conversations, as well as film screenings in collaboration with the Tromsø International Film Festival.

"Just prior to the Festival we will work with Stuart Hyatt on an album release for StationsStations is a sculptural installation by Hyatt that combines the scientific method with the creative process, engaging visitors with a new type of subterranean map–part of the Museum's Counter Cartographies project and series of exhibitions in 2021-2022."

The North x North Summit will be held in fall 2022, with conversations about future landscapes. We also connect throughout the year to creative practice and ideas.

North x North will also connect to the My Climate Object project in collaboration with the Climate Museum in NYC, the Australian Museum, the Natural History Museum (London), the Australian Museum, the Museum of Tomorrow in Brazil, the Nigerian National Museum, the Museum of the United Nations.

Check back here for a schedule to be released spring 2022.