Technical Program:

The technical program will be conducted Tuesday, March 29, through Wednesday, March 30, in Columbus, Ohio with invited keynote presentations, platform talks and lightning talks during the day and a poster reception Tuesday evening.

The curated technical program will explore breakthroughs in technology, policy, and infrastructure that will help mitigate the existential threats that climate change poses to our environment, health, communities, national security, and economic well-being. Climate resilience is focused on developing solutions to climate change. This includes innovations that reduce the impacts of climate change by restoring our ecosystems; by enabling adaptation of our built infrastructure and societies; or by dramatically reducing the trajectory of causative factors.

The program will emphasize field applications, case studies, technology solutions and test beds, but submissions on fundamental research and modeling studies are also encouraged.

The technical program will be organized around the following major themes, and further refined and finalized after the abstract submission review conducted by the Technical Program Committee.

  • International Climate Risk Analysis and National Security
  • Resilient Infrastructure: Energy, Water, Communications, Transportation and Building
  • Nexus of Resilience and Ecosystem Restoration: Carbon Capture, Circular Economy, Water and Land
  • Health Resilience, Risks and Interventions
  • Innovations in Climate Resilient Food and Agriculture


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