The Arctic Council declaration was released after the meeting, highlighting the value of the work done by UArctic.

The University of the Arctic was indeed congratulated on its 20th Anniversary, but ministers from the eight Arctic countries also "recognize the valuable contribution to knowledge and science on Arctic affairs by the UArctic". Encouraging the ongoing strengthening of the network, the Arctic Council Ministerial Meeting recognizes the role played by academic institutions. 

 Moreover, one of the outcome of the meeting is the engagement of the Arctic Council to "promote quality, culturally appropriate, education for all Arctic inhabitants, including in cooperation with educational institutions in the Arctic region, the University of the Arctic and other relevant organizations". 

Finally, as the Russian Chairmanship starts this year, the country stated its will for the years to come as follow: "Russia intends to further intensify collaboration of the Arctic Council with the Arctic Economic Council, the Arctic Coast Guard Forum, and the University of the Arctic. Among the priorities of the Russian Chairmanship – promoting international scientific cooperation, in particular, and exploring the possibility to conduct an Arctic Council scientific expedition to the Arctic Ocean.”. 

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