Applicants must have good taxonomic knowledge of the Arctic vascular plant flora, demonstrated research in evolutionary plant ecology, and research and fieldwork experience of Arctic or high-latitude/alpine ecosystems. Integrated approaches to Arctic ecology and evolution will be regarded as advantageous. Such approaches may include the role of the environment in shaping the evolution and ecology of Arctic plants as well as knowledge of their phylogeography. Expertise in other fields such as winter processes, nutrient cycles, phenology, and environmental management are similarly regarded as valuable. Experience in the application of molecular techniques is desirable. UNIS offers career building opportunities in a highly international and dynamic department. Applications from early years scientists are therefore especially encouraged.

The successful candidate is expected to build a strong independent research program in their field that integrates with the broader research in the Department of Arctic Biology. Interdisciplinary studies with the other science departments at UNIS are encouraged. Opportunities and ability for collaboration with other staff members will thus be emphasized during the recruitment process. The ability to work independently as well as in teams and having a positive attitude and flexibility are considered important. The research field and expertise of applicants will be evaluated in relation to the research profile and strategic plans for the Department of Arctic Biology.

The successful candidate will be responsible for both undergraduate and graduate level teaching courses and for supervising students at BSc, MSc and PhD levels, and will be expected to develop their teaching within the framework and strategy of the department. The candidates should have well documented teaching experience at different academic levels and formal pedagogic training. Knowledge of Norwegian/Nordic education and funding systems is beneficial.

Application deadline: 10 June 2021

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