"It will be responsible for training new specialists, analyze development options of the Arctic territories, conduct research projects and introduce their results," Chernyshenko said. He also noted that the center would also actively implement international cooperation projects. Following the University’s Development program, the Arctic zone will be integrated into the country’s hi-tech economic segments. The overall socio-economic and innovative development of the Arctic territories is also expected to accelerate. "Certainly, our main goal is to ensure the Arctic population’s high quality of life, to preserve the habitat of small indigenous ethnic groups and to protect the environment," Chernyshenko concluded.

The university had been working on a new development program for two years.

"The Development program is a new big step forward, which our university should make in the nearest future," - said Elena Kudryashova, the NArFU Rector. "This includes creating a new infrastructure, first of all, an IT-park "Digital Arctic" - a science and technology park in the field of high technologies; work carried out within the world-class Research and Educational Center "Russian Arctic: new materials, technologies and methods of research", as well as the development of the existing structural units of the university.

The Rector highlighted three strategic directions within the NArFU Development program 2021-2035. The first direction is related to the digitalization of the entire university life: from introduction of relevant educational programs and training technologies to digitalization of the university management system, and organization of research activities. The second strategic direction is related to the training of specialists and conducting scientific and innovative research in the Arctic zone of the Russian Federation. The third strategic direction of the Development program is also related to the development of the Arctic zone of Russia - expert and analytical work will be carried out at the NArFU Institute for Strategic Development of the Arctic.

NArFU Development program was prepared at the instruction of Yuri Trutnev - the Head of the State Commission for Arctic Development and Deputy Prime Minister of the Government of the Russian Federation, in collaboration with the Ministry of Science and Higher Education and the Ministry for the Development of the Russian Far East and Arctic. The document has a strong Arctic focus.

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