SmartICE is an arctic ice monitoring project based in Nain, Nunatsiavut, Canada. It is a climate change adaptation tool that triangulates traditional Inuit knowledge of sea ice with advanced data acquisition and remote monitoring technology. SmartICE is a community-based initiative that employs local youth, transmits intergeneratinal teachings and strengthens Inuit culture.

Upon receiving communication about the award the recipient Trevor Bell, noted: “Over the past decade or so, I have devoted my academic career to action-oriented collaborative research that aims to support Inuit in their adaptation to increasingly more unpredictable and dangerous sea ice travel conditions. Without the collaboration, support and knowledge of Inuit communities the success of SmartICE as a climate change solution would not have been possible. This award recognizes them too and I am most humbled and grateful to receive it on their behalf."

The award is named after Frederik Paulsen, who for decades has been a prominent supporter of scientific research and collaboration on the polar regions. The award is designed to recognize scientific and academic initiatives that are action orientated and hold potential for efforts to address the challenges posed by climate change.

“We must now move towards action-based scientific research and programs to deal with the dramatic effects of climate change. We hope this award will encourage this activity and thus help address the accelerating impact of climate change on the Arctic”, Paulsen declared.

The Award is a collaboration between Arctic Circle and the University of the Arctic.

UArctic’s President Lars Kullerud explained the process: “The University of the Arctic, UArctic, is proud to have coordinated the review process of the outstanding nominations to the inaugural Frederik Paulsen Arctic Academic Action Award. We did this with the valuable guidance of Mimir, the UArctic's Scientific Advisory Board.” 

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