The aim of the Master is to develop skills and expertise in the areas of the green economy and the geopolitics of resources and energy, highlighting the eco-sustainability and a responsible use of the land. It will have a focus on the economic and geostrategic importance of the Arctic region.

Objectives and subjects

The course aims to develop professionals able to support national and international Institutions , the private sector and entrepreneurial activity, research institutions and, in general, all the organizations related to the energetic sector and the environmental management with a particular specialization in fragile ecosystems like the Arctic one.

This master is adressed to graduates of all academic fields, executives functionaries of the civil and military Public Admistrations, officials from embassies, directors and commissionaires of the private
sector, with a good knowledge of the English language.

Master’s Structure

This course has a total duration of 12 months (1500 hours) including educational training activities and curricular intership. The lessons will take place from March until October on Mondays and Tuesdays from 2pm until 5pm. Furthermore, visits, meetings and workshops with agencies and multinationals will be planned. These features will be hosted by Institutions and Corporations that operate in this sector.


At the end of this course there will be the possibility to apply to a three-months internship based on competences shown in the applicants’ CVs.

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