Location: the hybrid event will host on-site (Sofia Cultural Center, Helsinki, max. 200 people) and online (live-streaming) participation.

For registration, click here to see more information. Please register before November 8 (get the Zoom link).

Read more about the AASCO event from the AASCO website.

The event will be part of co-designing science-based solutions for safe climate and clean air: ACCC Impact Week (7-10 December 2021), hosted by the Finnish national flagship Atmosphere and Climate Competence Center (ACCC). The ACCC Impact Week will gather ACCC research partners and stakeholders to discuss and co-design science-based solutions for safe climate and clean air, and to increase interaction and collaboration across national and international levels. We welcome you to participate all the session and discussion of the ACCC Impact Week.

To see the ACCC Impact Week Programme e.g AASCO December 9 program, click here.