The grant will be used to arrange three workshops to be held in Finland, Sweden and Norway. The workshops are to promote new knowledge that contributes to the enhancement of gender equality among caregivers in aging sector. The main purpose is to develop a broader network through workshops.

As the demand for caregivers are increasing in all across Nordic countries, gender equality questions in care sectors have been an issue of discussions at all levels in the policy arena. Project will bring added-value in knowledge building, which will help identify concrete challenges. The project will be implemented in-cooperation with the UArctic Thematic Network on Ageing and Gender in the Arctic. Post-doctoral researcher Shahnaj Begum will lead the project while Professor Päivi Naskali will act as an adviser.


Further information:
Project lead: Dr. Shahnaj Begum
Unit for Gender Studies
Faculty of Education
University of Lapland 
+358(0) 404844122/ (0)504635987