Conference presentation at the Gender Studies Conference in Tampere, Finland, November 12-13, 2020.

Leader Prof. Päivi gave a presentation on “Gender equality at the University of Lapland” in which she has explored on earlier and latest equality reports and gender equality and anti-discrimination issues (2004, 2009, 2016). She stated that critical equality literacy is missing and she also referred some future challenges in this regard.

AGE-Arctic” project’s first virtual meeting was held on 18th November 2020 which is part of ”Ageing & Gender in the Arctic” TN.
This meeting brought together experts from Canada, Iceland, Russia, Norway, Sweden and Finland (all around the world) which/and was chaired by project lead. Prof. Päivi Naskali.

All participants have briefly presented their past and present research and activities regarding ageing, gender and ethnicity.
In this meeting, we have discussed the forthcoming meetings, conferences and aims for our cooperation. As a result of the enthusiastic discussion we decided to proceed with a submission of a book project.

The Final Event of HARVEST project, 25th November 2020. The presentation of the Finnish team from the University of Lapland was led by Associate professor Päivi Rasi.

In this event the discussions concerned the changing dynamics of health and social care of old age users' use and non-use of eHealth services in rural regions. The central topics were the impact of ICTs in the everyday lives of older people, the role of rural place, and the relationship between technology and digital competences in relation to older people’s use of eHealth in three different countries: Finland, Italy, Sweden.

The video presentations are available here.