The 2021 Academy, with the title New and Emerging Trends of Arctic Governance, Geopolitics, Geoeconomics, and Science, is planned to take place in June 6-13, 2021 (if the pandemic allows) including sessions in Rovaniemi, Enontekiö and Inari, Finland / Sapmi and in Kautokeino, Kirkenes and Neiden, Norway / Sapmi.

The Inari sessions will consist of the main event of the 2021 Calotte Academy, including an opening session (with guests & greetings), 2-3 theme sessions (e.g. “Inari in the global Arctic and post-Covid-19 world”, “30 Years of Arctic Environmental Protection Strategy”) with experts from different fields and early-carrier scientists, gala dinner, excursions, music, films, etc.. There is also a plan to publish Selected Articles of Calotte Academy, as a part of the Arctic Yearbook 2021, including scholarly articles and reports & pictures of previous academies (1991-2019), as well as on the history of the Academy.

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The participants of the previous Academies (from 1991-2019) will be invited to attend to the Inari sessions, as well as representatives of relevant international, pan-arctic, national, regional and local institutions. Invitation letters will be sent in beginning of 2021.

For more information please contact with PhD Candidate Gerald Zojer (e-mail: and PhD Candidate Salla Kalliojärvi (e-mail: