Workshop Indigenizing Education: Historical Perspectives and Present Challenges in Sámi Education will concentrate on the added value of Sámi school history. The workshop aims to open the most important issues of colonisation and assimilation, like experiences of inequality and otherness so that ongoing education can continue its work in its premises. 

The first workshop day, on 16 November will be at 12-15 (UTC +1), and the second day, on 17 November will be at 9-12 (UTC +1). The workshop is open for all to participate, and the participation is free of charge. Registration to the online workshop is now open until 12 November - link to the online registration. 

Workshop programme highlights e.g. the Sámi education policy and rights in three countries, Sámi children's language beliefs and citizenship in Sámi curricula. The workshop programme includes presentations from experts and conversations. Read more about the programme in the event website.

The workshop is the activity of project Indigenous Pedagogy in Teacher Education (IPED), funded by Academy of Finland NOS-HS workshop grant. Read more about the project goals, partners and activities in the project website