UArctic Thematic Network on Teacher Education was rewarded by a grant from UArctic Project Funding for Network Activities on Arctic Research and Education. The project funding is allocated by Danish Agency for Science and Higher Education (DAFSHE) and managed by UArctic International Secretariat. 

The project, titled Distance Teaching and Learning in the Arctic Communities (DistARCTIC), is for two years (9/2020-8/2022). The project aims to produce a draft book proposal, desktop study article(s) and joint funding proposals for working hours to be used in empirical research. The project will also have three workshops, that project partners are planning to have face-to-face, if the situation with the pandemic allows. 

The project kick-off meeting was very productive and successful. The partners created preliminary plans for working with the desktop study article(s), and discussed about upcoming funding calls. The group is planning to continue working with the desktop study article(s) online, and the first face-to-face workshop will be held in May in Reykjavik, Iceland, if travelling is possible.

More information in the project website