Kvantum Institute is one of the four strategic focus institutes supporting high-quality research, coordinating multidisciplinary research activities and doctoral training. Kvantum’s science-based expertise meets global challenges in the focus areas Sustainable materials and systems and Changing climate and northern environment. The Institute promotes interdisciplinary networking of research groups as well as co-operation between groups and national and international partners.

We are now looking for Postdoctoral Researcher and a Doctoral Student to study interacting processes in Arctic reindeer systems experiencing rapid climate change.

Description of the positions

  • The Postdoctoral Researcher will study Social-Ecological-Climate Interactions, between reindeer herders, Lapland landscapes, weather & climate. The successful candidate will conduct and use stakeholder workshops and interviews to integrate traditional knowledge with scientific discoveries to co-produce new insights and identify key vulnerabilities, adaptive strategies, and management options applicable to sustainable reindeer systems. 
  • The Doctoral Student who will be quantifying CO2 feedback magnitudes and year-long patterns in response to long term differences in reindeer grazing history and changes in winter snow regimes. These studies will be undertaken in Lapland at the Kevo Field Station and at the Oulanka Field Station in eastern Finland and will contribute to the EU EcoClimate research community. 

Please see Description of the Research Group, what they offer, and qualification requirements by this link.