The organisers of the 13th Arctic Design Week (ADW) are looking for a crossdisciplinary mix of academics and business people to discuss how resilience and antifragility can be strenghtened at times of shocks. They invite experts representing i.e. business studies and economics, sociology, cultural antropology, history and design to join the discussion.

Share your thoughts

Kindly send a maximum 200 word introduction of your thinking on the theme latest on 15 December 2020 at 24h CET+1 to

A mix of events

The Arctic Aha! forum will be a mix of small, intimate onsite events in Rovaniemi, the home town of Arctic Design Week, and dialogues, workshops and master classes organised online during 25 and 26 March 2021. Let the organizers know which form you prefer.


The final set of speakers and events will be decided based on proposals received. Organizers are looking for innovative, bold, proactive thinking to create aha! in participants.


Arctic Design Week’s Advisory Board with representatives from the City of Rovaniemi, University of Lapland, Lapland University of Applied Sciences, Lapland Chamber of Commerce and Business Finland together with the producer of Arctic Aha! and ADW will make the final decisions. You will be informed latest on 8 January 2021.

Be proactive

The theme of Arctic Design Week 2021 is Be Proactive. The theme was communicated to the audience at ADW 2020 in March after the Covid-19 virus had arrived to Europe and actions to prevent its spread had just started. At that point there was no knowledge of how long Covid-19’s impact would last but it was estimated that it would take considerable time to recover from it. More than six months later we do not still know how long the pandemic will last.

Arctic Aha!

Arctic Aha! will discuss how businesses and organisations (cities, regions, even countries or continents) can succeed at times when sudden dramatic changes affect their and people’s lives. Why some succeed while others fall or stagnate? What supports success even in times of turmoil? If we can identify critical qualities, how can the qualitites then be transferred? How can resilience and antifragility be strenghtened?

Resilience is here understood as a capacity to quickly recover from difficulties, antifragility increases the capability to thrive as a result of shocks, attacks or failures.

More information

If you have questions on the theme or your proposal, contact:

Päivi Tahkokallio
CEO of Tahkokallio Design+ and Producer of Arctic Aha! or +358 50 324 3517

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