The workshop was the first activity of the third project year of Arctic Five Education. The workshop’s first day included Dr. Erkko Sointu’s training titled “Good Online Teaching – Blended Learning with Flipped Twist”. The training consisted five dimensions of Flipped Classroom: (1) core content analysis, (2) pedagogical online practices, (3) technology in education, (4) assessment practices and (5) guidance and counselling. The training was successful and participants got new views on teaching online regarding the study course.

The second day of the workshop included finalising the curriculum of the online study course and preparations for piloting the course in spring 2021. The project group decided e.g. the study course's schedule: the first module starts on January 2021, the second module in March 2021 and the third module in April 2021.

'Arctic Inclusive Education' (10 ECTS) is five Nordic universities’ study course with learning goals on deepening understanding of educational possibilities, challenges and aspects relating to inclusion and inclusive education, diversity, intercultural issues and cultural sensitivity in the Arctic.

'Arctic Inclusive Education' course website is now launched. Enrolment will open soon for the students. More information and details of the study course can be found in the website. The project's next mission is marketing the study course to the students. The project group hopes many students will find the extraordinary course and apply for it!