This book is the sixth in the Relate North series. As in previous volumes, the contents reflect the range of research and practice that is going in art and design in northern and Arctic countries. The title of the book was also the theme of a symposium and exhibition that took place in Nesna, Norway, in November 2018. The question of how collaborative art, design and education might be addressed through research and praxis formed the basis of a call for papers for that conference.

Collaborative art and design education, we argue, is particularly appropriate in the North and the Arctic where culture is closely bound to nature, and megatrends such as climate change have immediate impact on society and the environment. There is a cultural and linguistic diversity within the Arctic area due to indigenous populations and other local people inhabiting the area. Rapidly changing northern and Arctic environments and socio-cultural circumstances place such issues at the forefront of ASAD network’s aims and thinking.

- Timo Jokela & Glen Coutts, Preface

* InSEA is the International Society for Education through Art.

The complete, open-access, book can be downloaded from the InSEA website.

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