Several events took place within the forum, including Junior Skills, Arctic Skills and Abilympics competitions, Schools of young polar expolers and reindeer herders, and a student forum "Arctic Youth". Forum sections on education, indigenous heritage, language teaching and etc. were moderated by experts from Russia and Finland. Participants discussed teacher mobility and career guidance for schoolchildren, distance education and usage of modern technologies for preserving and protecting the indigenous cultural heritage of Taymyr. Based on the results of the Forum, it is planned to create an electronic library of Taymyr literature, facilitate distance learning of indigineous Taymyr languages and open a film studio at Taymyr College that will produce short documentaries and provide educational courses in filmmaking.

Arctic Skills 2019, hosted by a UArctic member Taymyr College, suggested several professional areas of competition, including "Reindeer herder - machinery operator", "Artistic bone and wood carving", "Decorative handicraft" and etc. Among participants, who came from Taymyr, Evenkia and Nenets Autonomous District were teams from Naryan-Mar Social Humanitarian College and Nenets Agrarian Economic Technical School.

Galina Nazarova, Director of the Naryan-Mar Social Humanitarian College, presented 2 projects at the Forum: "A Living book of the Nenets language" and "The Call of Cloudberry Land" during the BEBO meeting.

Read more about the "A Living Book of the Nenets Language" here.

"The call of Cloudberry Land" is a joint project of NMSHC and the school in the Nenets settlement of Indiga. Withing the project college students interact with schoolchildren, organize classes and extra-curricular activities, aimed at forming a positive attitude among children towards the nature and history of their region.

Naryan-Mar Social Humanitarian College has been a member of the University of the Arctic since 2008.
Nenets Agrarian Economic Technical School has been a member of the University of the Arctic since 2011.
Taymyr College has been a member of the University of the Arctic since 2009.

Naryan-Mar Social Humanitarian College and Taymyr College are members of the UArctic Thematic Network on Arctic Indigenous Skills.