The ICCAY is an initiative by a group of active young people in Rovaniemi who are worried about the future of our planet.

– We want young people to pay more attention to climate change as we are the future of this planet. We must make changes before our planet is destroyed and so that our children and their children will have snowy winters as we have had throughout our short lives. We want to be part of the deciding process and make a difference, says Sara Hedemäki, who is a member of the ICCAY organizing team.

In order to make a difference the team came up with the idea of a competition where young people share their ideas to promote ecologically sustainable development and prevent climate change. The competition is for young people between 13–19 years of age in the Arctic region: Finland, Sweden, Norway, Russia, Iceland, Canada, Alaska and Greenland. The invitations will be sent in April and the ideas must be submitted to the ICCAY before 1 August. The three-day finale will be organized in Rovaniemi on 11–13 November 2019 alongside the Rovaniemi Arctic Spirit Conference.

ICCAY youth will also take part in the Rovaniemi Arctic Spirit Conference.


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