Shi Zhaohui, deputy director of Heilongjiang Science and Technology Department, Wanping Zhang, Vice Major of Harbin, Xiong Sihao, standing deputy secretary of the Party Committee of Harbin Institute of Technology, Vice President Ren Nanqi, Lars Kullerud, President of UArctic (University of the Arctic), Vice-President Organization Outi Snellman and Riitta Rissanen, Rector of Lapland University of Applied Sciences attended the ceremony.

The Polar Academy of HIT consists of 50 researchers, including academicians and scholars of the Yangtze River. Based on the principle of "understanding, protecting, and promoting sustainable development of the polar region", the Polar Academy aims at the frontiers of polar science, relying on 12 key national key programs, including environmental science and engineering, physics, civil engineering, architecture, transportation engineering and biology.

The Polar Academy focuses on global persistent organic pollutant emissions and the impacts of climate change on the polar ecological environment, as well as the  the effects of pollutants in the polar environment, polar magnetospheric physics and navigation research. It will actively carry out high-level research related to polar science through interdisciplinary and integration, and build a modern polar scientific research platform. International cooperation in polar scientific research will provide scientific, technological and intellectual support for China's polar research and education.