The first Arctic5 workshop was held in Tromsø, Norway in October 2018 to brainstorm and create the first draft curriculum for the joint Online Master Study Course on Arctic Inclusive Pedagogy.  

The second workshop continued to build on co-creating the curriculum and develop learning goals for the Online Study Course.  The work included participants choosing Open Moodle as a digital learning of the Online Study Course.  

The program entailed forming smaller working groups based on the research interests of participants and also working as a larger group to ensure consistency of the curriculum and balance between it.  Students participated in the workshop as equal members and contributed by reflecting and leading discussion on values in inclusive education and bringing those values into practice in the study course.  The workshop was successful and all the participants were satisfied with the results.

With the goal of the project to develop a joint Online Master Study Course, the group has already planned wider collaboration in the future: to develop a joint Nordic master study programme.  The Online Study Course is planned to offer students new approaches and new content within each university - the first study program of its kind.  The group has also planned to start collaboration in research activities.

The project is coordinated by the UArctic Thematic Network on Teacher Education for Social Justice and Diversity in Education.

The workshop brought together the following participants from five Nordic Arctic universities:

Luleå University of Technology: Eva Alerby, Nicklas Ekberg, Åsa Gardelli and Kattis Endström (student).
UiT The Arctic University of Norway: Gregor Maxwell and Greta Heim (student)
Umeå University: Björn Norlin, Carina Rönnqvist, Karin Sporre, Charlotta Svonni (student) and Katarina Parfa Koskinen (student)
University of Lapland: Erika Sarivaara, Outi Kyrö-Ämmälä, Janette Peltokorpi, Jaana Severidt, Suvi Lakkala, Vilma Lamminpää (student), Hannah Lumila (student) and Laura Junttila (student).
University of Oulu: Marjatta Takala and Suvi Kauppi

The University of Lapland has been a member of the University of the Arctic since 2001 and hosts the UArctic International Secretariat Office.