Who may apply?
Eligible participants in the programme are Norwegian universities, specialised university institutions and university colleges as well as university colleges with individual study programmes accredited by NOKUT. For Russian institutions, all fully accredited higher education institutions – private and public – are eligible, provided that they can offer education at a level comparable to what is offered at the Norwegian partner institution.
Priority will be given to proposals with potential for contributing to the following goals
• To increase cooperation on the development of sustainable study programmes in sectors, which are of high priority at the educational institutions in question as well as at national level.
• Sharing of Norwegian experiences with regard to the Bologna process.
• To enhance the quality of education in the educational institutions involved in the projects
• To increase academic cooperation and relations between Norway and Russia.
• To increase mutual knowledge of each others’ language and culture.

For further information please see: http://siu.no/eng/Front-Page/Programme-information/BRICS-and-Eurasia/Cooperation-Programme-with-Russia-2011-2016/(view)/7601