The main idea of the Youth Economic Forum is to set up the platform for discussing the theoretical issues and designing the practical mechanisms for the development of regions in the global economic space. Since most regions of the world are governed by common developmental patterns, the Forum shall raise the most relevant issues related to the influence of the global economy on regional development and the formation of the prerequisites for sustainable development of the regions.

This year's sessions focus on

  • Human creativity as a factor of economic development;
  • The creative class and creative industries;
  • Knowledge-driven economy;
  • New forms of small business development;
  • Economy and business in social media;
  • The ‘Internet of Things’ and the new economy;
  • Intangible assets of the territory;
  • Place branding;
  • New forms of spatial organization of the economy;
  • New technologies and urban development;
  • Social entrepreneurship - the response to market failures;
  • The social capital of communities as related to economic development;
  • The new economy and the mobility of factors of production;
  • The technology of transition to a "green economy" and sustainable development;
  • New tools for public and municipal administration.


Registration deadline: 15 September 2014

For more information, see the attached invitation and the Forum website.