UArctic’s overall goal is to create a strong, sustainable circumpolar region by empowering Indigenous peoples and other northerners through education, training, and shared knowledge. UArctic seeks to promote excellence in knowledge generation and knowledge application in areas relevant to the North. In doing so, UArctic works in partnership with indigenous peoples, recognizing their integral role in northern education, training, and knowledge generation and transfer, and seeks to engage their perspectives and participation in all of its activities.

As a reflection of the above strategic objectives, in 2009 the UArctic Board of Governors, supported by the Council of UArctic, establishing the post of UArctic Vice-President Indigenous. Following an open call to members for nominations, the Board unanimously appointed Jan Henry Keskitalo to the post of Vice-President Indigenous for an initial three-year period from June 2010 to June 2013.

Earlier this year UArctic Vice-President Indigenous, Jan Henry Keskitalo announced his retirement which is to begin in July, 2013. Thus as a preliminary step in finding a new UArctic Vice-President Indigenous, the Terms of Reference for this position have been revised based on the experiences gained to date.

The University of the Arctic welcomes expressions of interest from all full member institutions and organisations keen to host a candidate for the position of UArctic Vice-President Indigenous.

Guided by a set of Eligibility Requirements and Selection Procedures, the position of UArctic Vice-President Indigenous is to be hosted by a UArctic member institution or organisation, for an initial 3 year period commencing at the start of the next academic year 2013-2014. Submissions should include the name and title of a prospective candidate, and may also include a brief outline of the candidate’s background and qualifications (e.g. biography or CV). Joint proposals and proposals with a combination of candidate and a support person are welcome.

Interested members have until May 1st, 2013 to submit expressions of interest to the UArctic Secretariat  

For further information, please contact

UArctic President Lars Kullerud  
Tel. +47 9087 0099
Fax. +47 3703 5050