Lectures and workshops
Lectures from Finnish and International participants, discussions and workshops will be held on the May 20 – 24, at the University of Lapland, Rovaniemi. Students participate in small group discussions on topics related to social work and conditions of globalization and divers social-cultural systems across the countries and continents.
Field trips to Utsjoki and Helsinki
First trip is to Utsjoki/Kevo (May 28-30, 2013), Finland’s northernmost municipality. We learn about social services to Lapland’s indigenous Sámi population and also about Sámi culture in Utsjoki. At Kevo we learn about the unique flora and fauna of Lapland while experiencing the pristine environment of the far north.
Second trip we travel south to the Finland’s largest city Helsinki (June 1-5, 2013). In the capital of Finland we will participate in cultural activities and visit social service agencies.

For further information: 
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