The Plan was developed by a team of experts representing 14 Federal
agencies, based on input from collaborators including the Alaska
Governor¹s Office, indigenous arctic communities, local organizations,
and universities. Seven research areas are highlighted in the Plan as
both important to the development of national policies and well-poised
to benefit from interagency collaboration, including among them:
regional climate models, human health studies, and adaptation tools for

The research plan does not encompass all Federal arctic research
activities that will occur over the next five years. It does, however,
provide a roadmap for unprecedented collaboration between agencies on
high impact research activities that will provide a solid scientific
basis for on-the-ground progress in the Arctic. It also complements a
number of steps being taken by the Administration to enable data-driven
and science-based stewardship in the arctic region, including the
recent launch of regionally-focused data communities on