The workshop is based on the idea of getting students and researchers of both natural sciences and photography work together as small groups that will be given a small project which they will complete during the workshop. Before project work, there will be lectures, practical demonstrations and “hands on” sessions on select topics and techniques. As an overall goal, we hope to enhance the photographic skills and “photo thinking” of natural science students and researchers on one hand, and similarly, increase the awareness of the scientific approach (and how this can enhance photography) for students and researchers of photography. Best results from student’s projects may earn some visibility in conjunction with the Kuusamo Nature Photo 2012 event where we are planning to have a booth displaying the workshop activity.

The course teachers will include professional photographers, teachers of photography, photography artists and researchers of natural sciences. Details on the teaching personnel will follow later. Some of the topics to be touched from the perspective of natural sciences are microphotography, time-lapse and repeat photography, landscape and underwater photography. Overall, there will be five to six teachers and 20 to 24 students. We are aiming at a multidisciplinary working environment which will be accomplished by selecting students from both natural sciences and arts and photography. A significant number of both teachers and students will be coming from countries other than Finland (at least Germany, South Korea and Norway), so English will be the workshop language and good to fluent skills in English are expected from participants.

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