The group of participants included representatives of the Committee on Culture and Artsof Murmansk region, International Arctic Film Festival “Polar Lights” (Murmansk), International Festival of documentary films and television programs “Northern Character" (Murmansk, Russia), International Film Festival “Message To Man” (St. Petersburg), International Film Festival “New Technologies in Cinematography” (St. Petersburg), International Barents Ecology Film Festival (Petrozavodsk), Nordic Film Festival and Days of German cinema (Kaliningrad), as well as film festivals in Velikiy Novgorod.

During the study trip the participants of the project visited a major film festival in Copenhagen CPHPIX. A workshop “4 festivals under one roof” was organized, meetings with the representatives of Danish and Swedish Film Institutes took place. During the seminars the participants got acquainted with the work process and structure of the Institutes, as well as cooperation with various film festivals. The final part of the study trip was held in Luleå on the basis of the Centre for film and television production “Filmpool Nord”. Representatives of “Filmpool Nord” organized seminars and meetings with directors and staff of the center.

Many questions were raised concerning not only festivals, but also organization of filmstudios, regional film industry development strategy, attracting children and youth into the, film industry etc.

This study trip was the final one within the frames of the project “Management of film festivals”. The participants and partners will meet again in Murmansk during the International Arctic Film Festival "Polar Lights".