Within the program up to $12 million USD will be available to fund science and engineering which addresses sustainability science of one or more of the following themes:

• the natural and living environment
• the built environment
• natural resource development
• governance

The ArcSEES competition is opened to proposers from:

• universities and colleges
• non-profit, non-academic organizations
• for-profit organizations
• participating agency scientists (French scientists interested in submitting to ArcSEES should contact arcsees@nsf.gov for more information).

ArcSEES plans to support fundamental, pilot efforts and larger, outcomes-relevant research.

All proposers are required to provide context for how the project advances science for sustainability and to identify the communities and real-world scenarios to which the research products are relevant. While community-based participatory research projects that engage Arctic resident and indigenous populations in the conception and implementation of the research are encouraged, ArcSEES also welcomes activities that entrain other classes of stakeholders and facilitate education through participation of tribal colleges and minority-serving institutions.

All proposals will be submitted via grants.gov or the NSF Fastlane system for consideration by the ArcSEES partner agencies.

Proposals for the FY12-FY13 ArcSEES competition will be due on September 14, 2012.

For more information, please contact arcsees@nsf.gov or consult the NSF SEES webpage: www.nsf.gov/sees

ArcSees flyer as PDF.


For general inquiries about SEES related activities: nsf-sees-info@nsf.gov.

For program or discipline-specific questions, please see the full list of contacts at: http://www.nsf.gov/