For the academic year 2012/2013, the North-Canadian institutions offer not less than 72 waivers enabling international students from the Arctic to spend one semester or the academic year abroad without paying tuition fees. That the Canadian institutions use own financial means to support the exchange program, show their willingness to maintain the activity level of north2north. The financial disengagement of the Canadian government in supporting the north2north mobility program last year already impairs the mobility of Canadian students who no longer can get financial support to study at a college or a university from the Arctic.

By hosting international students from the Arctic, the Canadian institutions show that they are eager to keep in developing contacts between countries of the Arctic. The participation of Canadian institutions is crucial for the maintaining of the north2north mobility program in the future. During the coming academic year, a total of approximately 70 students from Sweden, Finland, Norway and Russia have been allocated waivers at North Canadian institutions. Canada is a very attractive destination among the European students, especially for the students from the Nordic countries. Through this exchange period, the students will be able to share both cultural and academic experiences and ideas in different fields such as psychology, social sciences, education, law, history, art, comparative literature, international business, veterinary medicine, nursing, statistics, geology, engineering, geosciences and tourism.

Ranking first with a total of 25 waivers allocated to north2north students is the University of Saskatchewan which formerly hosted the north2north National Agency for Canada.