Council returns to Tromsø

Wed, Apr 18, 2012
The 15th Council meeting of the University of the Arctic will take place at the University of Tromsø, June 12-14th, 2012. Tromsø last hosted a Council meeting in 2002, together with Kautokeino. Invitations and practical information are being sent to UArctic members, who may also contact the Secretariat for more information.

The 15th Council meeting of the University of the Arctic begins today at the University of Tromsø, with pre-meetings for staff and program team  on Monday, June 11, 2012, and the full Council program starting on June 12 through June 14, 2012. Details for registered participants is available on the internal site, or email the...

Nordic Days in Murmansk 2012

Tue, Apr 17, 2012
The Consulate General of Norway in Murmansk, Murmansk Department of the Finnish Consulate General in St. Petersburg, Consulate General of Sweden in St. Petersburg, the Information Office of the Nordic Council of Ministers in St. Petersburg and the Danish cultural institute in St. Petersburg presents the NORDIC DAYS MURMANS...

“The Eastern neighbours through the eyes of Swedes: love, condescension and fear": John Chrispinsson, popular Swedish radio and TV host and historian gives a lecture at the conference hall of the Stockholm School of Economics in St. Petersburg on 26 April at 16h00.

Snowmobile trip in the Arctic

Tue, Apr 17, 2012
Lauri Snellman, the lecturer of industrial design from the University of Lapland, made possible for few exchange students to have an experience that will last for a life time.

The international conference, "Tales from the North"  Cultural Centre Sajos organized in Inari from April 10th to 12th by the Institute for Northern Culture shows that the discussion on culture, tourism and business life is attractive for scientists, entrepreneurs and artists from around the world.

The need for enhanced Arctic search and rescue (SAR) capabilities and environmental protection measures are among the main messages of the proceedings of the 2011 Arctic Futures Symposium, which also highlights cooperation and dialogue among Arctic States, inhabitants and other stakeholders of the unique and environmentally f...

On 26-29 March study tour of the project “Waste awareness: Sorting, Treatment and Education” was held in Helsinki for teachers from schools and kindergartens from Petrozavodsk, Sestroretsk and Apatity. The purpose of the trip was to familiarize with the different ways of teaching children and teenagers about waste sorting and...