Present at the discussion where delegates from Nunavut Arctic College; University of Greenland/Department of Further Education/Institute of Learning Processes; University of Alaska Fairbanks/Alaska Native Knowledge Network; Kativik School Board; NS School District AK; Ilisagvik Arctic College; University of Manitoba; Sámi University College and University of the Arctic.

The first gathering focused on a brief introduction to the VERDDE program, initiated 2004 and the pilot that has been run by Sámi University College (SUC) and Nunavut Arctic College (NAC). The conclusions presented and interest stated by parties present shows that there is a need for Indigenous exchange, both of students and teachers. There is a need to focus on a joint systematic approach for parties through this effort to bring forward indigenous strategies and priorities within the higher education, hence the need for coordination of this not just the possibility for the technical exchange.

Sami University College and Nunavut Arctic College will take the lead in further developing work of the VERDDE network, in cooperation with the participating partners. The participants thank Linda and Nunavut Arctic College for their warm hospitality.