The Government of Canada IPY Program is offering partial travel support on a competitive basis to individuals who have been active in IPY in Canada to attend the OSC 2010. This includes representatives of science projects and training, communications and outreach projects, as well as Aboriginal and Northern Canadians who have been involved in IPY activities. Travel support for students and teachers has been made available through a separate process.

Please find attached information about eligibility and conditions for travel support, as well as an application form.

Applications for travel support must be submitted to the Government of Canada IPY Program by the end of business day on Tuesday, March 16 by email at or by facsimile (819) 934-0584.

For more information about the travel support for the IPY Oslo Science Conference available from the Government of Canada IPY Program, please contact:

Sarah Kalhok 
Manager, IPY Science
Communications &Outreach
(819) 934-6087

Jennifer Bellman
Coordinator, Training,
(819) 994-1803