Scientific research and operational support of that research are the principal activities supported by the United States Government in Antarctica. The goals are to expand fundamental knowledge of the region, to foster research on global and regional problems of current scientific importance, and to use Antarctica as a platform from which to support research. The U.S. Antarctic Program provides support for fieldwork only when a compelling justification exists for doing the work in Antarctica (i.e., the work can only be done, or is best done, in Antarctica). The program also supports Antarctic-related analytical research performed at home organizations.

This year's deadline, Tuesday, 25 May 2010, has been advanced relative to prior years. In response to recommendations by the recent Antarctic Science Committee of Visitors regarding the need to assess field support requirements in an accurate and timely way, and with the goal of streamlining decisions for award or decline, changes have been made to the way that field support information is gathered and the way that some items are budgeted. See the field support section of this solicitation for important information about requesting support. Planners at the support contractor are available to assist investigators with questions about field or logistical support.

Some support information previously included in the solicitation has been moved to a new section on the Antarctic Sciences Division's web site. This information is available at:

Other important support information can be found on the U.S. Antarctic Program portal's Information for Proposers page at:

Full Proposal Deadline: Tuesday, 25 May 2010
Please note that this is a new, earlier deadline.

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