A joint initiative by the Canadian Circumpolar Institute, University of Alberta, Canada and the Thule Institute, University of Oulu, Finland, the seminar series provide an opportunity for Canadian and Finnish and other Nordic policy-makers and researchers to present their research findings, discuss trends in policy, share their experiences, and offer their perspectives on the future challenges facing the northern regions of Europe and Canada. CCI and the Thule Institute will be joined by Iceland’s Stefansson Arctic Institute and the Northern Research Forum in enlarging the participation of polar institutes and northern organizations in sponsorship of the series.



Welcome and Opening Remarks
Keynote Address
Introduction by Chair 
    1. The geopolitics of continental shelf claims 
    2. Boundaries, borders and cooperation in the Barents Euro-Arctic Region 
    3. The Northern North Atlantic: Greenland, Iceland and new political horizons 
    4. Rethinking polar law: resource development and its consequences


Keynote address
Introduction by Chair 
    5. History of Northern development: lessons for the future 
    6. Resource futures and Northern passages: energy, shipping and environment 
    7. Roundtable Discussion

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