The regions of the circumpolar North and the diverse Arctic societies have a reputation for success in managing change. Northerners themselves are leaders in developing political and legal arrangements at regional and local levels that meet the needs of Arctic residents and its fragile environment. Unique cooperative activities such as the Arctic Council have been launched. To address today’s critical issues and prepare for those of the future, we will have to continue to work in partnership and with a shared vision.

The future of the Arctic is in the making. How do we internationally advance the acceptance and respect for the perspectives and knowledge of Northerners? What kind of legal framework guides the Arctic cooperation? How do we create appropriate conditions for sustainable development, and how could multilateral cooperation better advance the on-going efforts to promote positive developments in the area?

The seminar is free. Registration by November 3, through a registration form in English; suomeksi; på svenska.


Ms. Gunvor KRONMAN, Director, Hanasaari – the Swedish-Finnish Cultural Centre

Key Note Speeches
Mr. Floyd ROLAND, Premier, Northwest Territories, Canada TBC, Finland

Session I: International Cooperation
Mr. Lars MØLLER, Chair of the Senior Arctic Officials, Denmark Mr. Rolf FIFE, Director General of the Legal Affairs Department, Ministry for Foreign Affairs of Norway Ms. Marie JACOBSSON, Principal Legal Adviser on International Law, Ministry for Foreign Affairs of Sweden

15.00–15.30 Coffee Break

Session II: Sustainable Development in the Arctic Region Rear Admiral David W. TITLEY, Oceanographer and Navigator, Department of the Navy, USA Ms. Pernille MØLLER, Head of Section, Department of Foreign Affairs, Greenland Government Ms. Embla Eir ODDSDÓTTIR, Project Manager, Stefansson Arctic Institute in Akureyri, Iceland

Ms. Riikka MANNER, Member of the European Parliament

Closing Remarks
Dr. Alun ANDERSON, Senior Consultant, Journalist, author of After the Ice

Seminar moderators: Dr. Alun ANDERSON and Ms. Veera HEINONEN, Director General, Department for Communications and Culture, Ministry for Foreign Affairs of Finland

17.30 Reception

The Seminar is organized by the Embassy of Canada, Denmark, Iceland, Norway, Sweden and the US, the Ministry for Foreign Affairs of Finland, Art House and Hanasaari – the Swedish-Finnish Cultural Centre. Seminar language is English.

There is no participation fee, but registration is required by Wednesday, November 3, at latest through For more information, please contact Jenni Koistinen, Embassy of Canada, 09-2285 3304, or Merja Lindstedt, Hanasaari, 09-4350 2465,