Beringia Days 2009 will be held 18-20 September 2009, in Anadyr,Chukotka, Russia. Because Chukotka is a closed region, arrangements for foreign participants will need to be confirmed by Friday, 17 July 2009.

The National Park Service Shared Beringian Heritage Program (NPS ShBHP) staff will oversee the general logistics for the American delegation to the conference. The following information must be emailed to NPS ShBHP staff no later than Friday, 17 July 2009, in order to arrange for entry
into the Chukotka region:
- First, middle, and last names,
- Date of birth,
- Passport number,
- Passport issuing country,
- Date of passport issue,
- Date of passport expiration,
- Your citizenship,
- Your country and region of residence,
- The name and address of your place of employment,
- Your position title,
- Your telephone number and area code,
- Your e-mail address,
- A list of equipment you plan to bring,
- A list of printed materials you plan to bring, and
- A scanned image of the data page on your passport.

You will also need to obtain a Russian entry visa. Once the conference participant list is delivered to the Russian consulate in Seattle, NPS ShBHP will assist in obtaining visas. Please note that your ORIGINAL
passport will have to be sent to the consulate.

Travel into Anadyr is possible via charter flight with Bering Air from Nome, Alaska. The current rate for a charter flight carrying 14-15 passengers and baggage is $28,000 - the per person price would be
determined by the actual number of passengers on the flight. Hotels in Anadyr range in price from $220-$700 per night. Dormitory-style housing is available for between $35 and $65 per night.

Beginning in 1997, the National Park Service (NPS) hosted an annual Beringia Days conference in Anchorage, Alaska. The conference celebrates the natural and cultural heritage shared by Russia and the United States across the Bering Strait. In 2003, the Administration of the Chukotka
Autonomous Region agreed to host the conference on the alternate bases with Alaska. The first conference was held in Anadyr that September.

The thematic session of this year's Beringia Days will be the same as in years past: tourism, natural heritage, cultural heritage, traditions and modern ways, and a new session dedicated to the revival of Chukotka mushing dogs. The native folk culture festival "Ergav" (Chukchi for "Lets have fun") will be held in Anadyr during the conference and participants will have an opportunity to view some of the performances.

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Or contact:
Janis Kozlowski
Phone: 907-644-3503

Peter Richter
Phone: 907-644-3601

Katerina Wessels
Phone: 907-644-3602