ARCUS is pleased to announce the publication of the 11th edition of Arctic Forum Abstracts: "Tipping Points - The Arctic and Global Change." This volume of abstracts represents oral and poster presentations given at the 2008 Arctic Forum, held 13-15 May 2008, in Washington, DC. The
abstract volume is available online here.

You may also request copies of the abstract volume from the ARCUS office at 907-474-1600 or All online ARCUS publications are available here.

The Arctic Forum, an annual meeting hosted by ARCUS since 1994, serves as an outreach activity, gathering members of the arctic research community, key agency personnel, policy makers, educators, and students in one of few interdisciplinary meetings focused on the Arctic. The Forum includes paper and poster sessions on a diverse array of topics in arctic science, and offers scientists, students, and the public an opportunity to discuss key science issues in a collaborative environment. For further information about the 2008 Forum, including the agenda and a participant list, please click here.

The Arctic Forum is on hiatus during 2009. ARCUS will be exploring options and funding for an Arctic Forum, or similar meeting, for 2010 and future years.