On 6 April 1969, four men (Sir Wally Herbert, Dr. Fitzroy 'Fritz' Koerner, Allan Gill and Dr. Ken Hedges) and some forty dogs reached the North Pole whilst on an expedition that would be hailed as the 'last
great journey on Earth' - the first crossing of the Arctic Ocean along its longest axis, and the first undisputed expedition to reach the North Pole on foot.

The pioneering British Trans-Arctic Expedition (BTAE), conceived and led by Sir Wally Herbert, involved a 16-month journey across 3,620 miles of sea ice from Alaska to Spitsbergen via the Pole of Inaccessibility and the North Pole. It was hailed by Prime Minister Harold Wilson as a 'feat of courage which ranks with any in polar history' and, in the opinion of H.R.H. Prince Philip, a journey which stands 'among the greatest triumphs of human skill and endurance.'

The scientific program, conducted by Dr. Fritz Koerner, was the first surface survey of the frozen polar ocean. Koerner's findings now provide benchmark data for today's scientific predictions about the status of the melting polar ice cap and associated climate change issues.

In celebration of the fortieth anniversary, Polarworld is delighted to present an evening celebration and a touring exhibition that will be shown in London and Scotland. Of particular importance is the evening
dedicated to polar science and endeavor at the Royal Geographical Society in memory of Sir Wally Herbert and Dr. Fritz Koerner, who died in 2007 and 2008 respectively. The celebrations will include film, story telling, and reminiscences from the Herbert and Koerner families as well as tributes from some of the world's leading lights in polar endeavor and science.

A touring exhibition is also part of the anniversary celebrations:

The Art of Exploration - An Exhibition of Prints of Sir Wally
Herbert's Paintings
29 March - 24 May 2009 at the National Geographic Store, on Regent Street in London; and 30 May - 30 August 2009, at Discovery Point, in Dundee, Scotland.

The Polar World, Sir Wally's last book in hardback, is available at the special price during the celebrations. The book can be ordered through the Polarworld website.

For further information about these events or the book, please contact Kari Herbert.

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